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Environmental Policy

In this policy we want to make known our programs and responsible behaviors towards sustainable development.

Community Policy

We are residents of the Canary Islands. Our main goal is to have an active participation in our community, supporting local projects to promote Canarian crafts, ...

Social commitment

We firmly believe in protecting and supporting the rights of our employees, as well as human rights in general.

Child Protection

Child abuse and sex tourism with children is an issue of vital importance for the defence of the rights of minors and, for this reason, we want to write down our...

Human Rights Policy

Human rights policy reflects Marina Gran Canaria's commitment to carrying out its activities in a manner consistent with these principles and to protect human rights w...

Quality Policy

This document reflects the quality policy of the hotel, in order to offer a service according to customer expectations.

Marina Culture

We form different alliances to promote and support social, cultural or informative initiatives at Marina Gran Canaria. Thus we assure our guests a link with the ...

Energy consumption

The energy consumption is regulary checked.


Regular inspection and training of staff to guarantee proper recycling of the following products: paper, glass, cardboard, plastic, light bulbs, batteries and ch...

Green areas

The hotel provides green areas.

Reuse of towels

Planning and training of staff to promote the reuse of towels (regular revision).

Reuse of bed linens

Planning and training of staff to promote the reuse of bed linens (regular revision).

LED lighting

Led lighting in all hotel facilities, twilight sensor and regularization of temperature of the AC system.

Cooling systems

The cooling systems (air conditioning) have a mechanism of heat recovery to heat the pools.

Energy Efficiency Certificate

We received the energy Efficiency Certificate, recognized by the European Directorate of Energy Efficiency of Buildings (EPBD) 2010.

Individually controlled thermostats

The rooms are fitted with adjustable thermostats so that our guests can determine the desired room temperature.

Reducing plastic

We bet on generating the least amount of plastic possible. We have refillable bottles for hotel staff and use biodegradable materials in single-use containers.

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