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Sailling green

Marina Gran Canaria

Energy consumption

We regularly track energy consumption to measure our ecological footprint and work on a plan to continuously reduce it. Among other, we use a heat recovery system from our air conditioning to heat the pool water, we use individually controlled thermostats in the rooms of our sailors so that they can regulate the room temperature individually and we use LED lighting throughout the complex with twilight sensors.

Green areas

We take care of green areas as well as the flora and fauna of our surroundings. Together with the organization Oceans4Life we organized in 2019 a clean up of a beach at Gran Canaria

Reducing plastic

We bet on generating as little plastic as possible. We have refillable bottles for hotel staff, exchange plastic bottles for glass bottles and use biodegradable materials in single-use containers.

Eco Label Products

We offer organic cosmetics as amenities in our hotel by collaborating with ADA Cosmetics to support sustainable actions and fair trade. Furthermore we use eco label cleaning products.


We understand recycling as a habit that cannot be abandoned because one is on vacation. On the other hand, we believe that it is an opportunity to share values to people who come from different countries, different ages and who for a few days live in a space away from the place they like best, their home. Marina Gran Canaria wants to extend the value of recycling. That's why we've created a recycling plan that includes staff training and regular reviews. We recycle paper, plastic, glass, cardboard bulbs, batteries and chemicals. Have a look at the Recycling Policy

KM 0

More than 50% of the products consumed in the Atlantic Pool Bary and La Ballena Pool Bar are KM 0, contributing to the health and purchase of local products. Have a look at the Community Policy.

Art & Culture

Marina Gran Canaria understands that bringing to our sailors the local culture in all its forms is a differential value that builds culture, economy and a stronger link with the islands; culture in the form of music, artisanal markets with local products, gastronomy, art exhibitions and the best tips to enrich your stay.

0 Paper

By company policy we are reducing paper consumption to 0, gaining in: time, when processing information; data quality, since the data is stored with a minimum error rate; supplier relationships: digitizing purchase and billing requests; customer service, offering them electronic invoicing, making processes and value delivery easier.

Giving material a second life

The use of materials that were to be discarded and that thanks to Marina Gran Canaria have a second life have a huge presence throughout both hotels: Similarly the materials chosen in the daily use of Marina Suites and Marina Bayview are 100% natural, environmentally friendly and therefore they minimize the ecological footprint. Furthermore we organise regularly trainings for our staff to promote the reuse of bed linens and towels.

Human Rights Policy

The human rights policy reflects Marina Gran Canaria's commitment to carrying out its activities in a manner consistent with these principles and to protect human rights within the company's sphere of influence. The company demonstrates global leadership in responsible workplace practices and strives to conduct its business operations in a manner free from complicity in human rights abuses.

Quality Policy

We have as an overall goal to improve our services every day in terms of the quality and experience that we offer to our sailors. We continuously work on the satisfaction and happiness of our guests during their stay, to ensure that they return to the hotel in the future.

Social commitment

At Marina Gran Canaria we firmly believe in the protection and support of the rights of our employees, as well as human rights in general.